I´m Camilla Hynynen, a freelance- photographer currently living in Turku,  the city where I was born and where I grew up.
My main focus in my professional work is on interior- and lifestyle photography for Finnish and european magazines.
I also do some commercial work for companies. That mainly means lifestyle- focused  material for websites and social media.

My portrait work is usually sessions with toddlers, family or graduates, but it also includes some staff portraits for websites or business cards.
My portrait- style is warm and personal and very much down to earth, using natural light as much as possible.

I got my degree ( Valokuvaajan ammattitutkinto VAT in Turun aikuiskoulutuskeskus ) 20013, but I actually started my business and interior shooting in 2011.

I´m a mother of to boys and one bonus daughter ( adults already) . I´m a wife and also a grandmother. I have two cats and I love creative projects, handicrafts and of course all kind of photography!  I have a blog and you can find me on Instagram.